Top 5 Causes of Car Breakdowns

car breakdown


At some point, most motorists will experience a breakdown, and will need to call out a rescue service to repair their car. The best way to prevent your car from breaking down is regularly servicing it and keeping it maintained against the most common causes of breakdowns.

To prepare you better for this, we’ve listed the top 5 causes of car breakdowns so you can act now and prevent your car from failing on you.

Flat battery

flat battery

One of the top causes of car breakdowns is a flat battery, which can be caused by a number of reasons. Car batteries can go flat simply because they are old or poorly charged, or due to cold winter temperatures reducing its output and causing battery failure. It’s important therefore to regularly check your battery’s charge, and to replace it after 5 – 7 years.

Batteries can also be run down by electrical components left on in the car, the most obvious cause being lights left on overnight. To avoid this happening to you, ensure you turn off all components and lights in your car before leaving it, including the radio, fan heaters, and any electrical plug in devices such as phone chargers to reduce the strain on the battery when you next start your car up.

Punctured tyre

punctured tyre

A reported 10% of breakdown calls are related to tyre damage, so keeping your vehicle’s tyres maintained and in good condition is essential. Before driving for a long distance, check your tyres for any signs of damage (bulges, tears, any foreign objects such as screws), and ensure they are inflated to the correct tyre pressure. Under inflated tyres cause more wear to the tyre tread, and reduce handling of the car, so topping up the pressure before travelling is important.

You should also ensure your tyre’s tread depth is within the legal limits – any lower than 1.6mm is against the law, although to ensure you have optimum handling and performance you should consider replacing your tyres before they reach this point.

Wrong type of petrol

There is no worse feeling than the realisation that you have filled up your car with the wrong fuel. Petrol in a diesel engine, or the other way round, can severely damage your car’s fuel system. It’s extremely important not to turn the ignition on if you realise you have put the wrong fuel in your car, as this will circulate the fuel and increase the damage done – instead, call a roadside service system to tow your car to a specialist garage who can deal with the problem.

Engine overheating

engine overheating

An overheating engine can be a dangerous and frustrating problem, and can be attributed to several causes. Check to ensure your thermostat is not frozen, monitor your car’s cooling system for any leaks or blocked radiators, and ensure your cooling fans are functioning properly. Regular checks of these will ensure your engine can run without overheating and damaging your vehicle.

Lost keys

lost car keys

A surprising amount of emergency calls to breakdown services are made due to people misplacing their keys, or worse still, locking them inside their own car! It’s always recommended that you keep a spare car fob in your home, so there is always a way to access your car should you ever lose your keys.

Here at Fast Fit Express, our expert servicing and repairs service ensures any problems or faults with your car are quickly identified, reducing the risk of your car breaking down. We undertake a thorough examination of your vehicle, carrying out a number of checks and repairs where needed.

For more information, please feel free to contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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