The most common problems with car brakes and how to fix them

Your car’s brakes are essential to ensuring your safety on the roads, so any problems with them should be identified and fixed as soon as possible. Here at Fast Fit Express, our experienced team are always on hand to assist you with fixing your brakes, so we’ve compiled a list of the most common problems you may experience, and the best solution to fixing them.

Low brake fluid

If your brake fluid is low, the brake warning light is likely to illuminate on your dashboard. Low brake fluid may be a result of worn disc brake pads, or could also be caused by a leak in your brake system. This could be extremely dangerous, so repairing the leak as soon as possible is vital. Examine the brake calipers, wheel cylinders and the master cylinder – if you find a leak, the faulty component should be replaced before the car can be driven again.

Soft brake pedals

Soft brake pedals can be a symptom of major issues with your braking system, most commonly caused due to a leak in the master cylinder. If your pedal feels soft, or sinks to the floor with no resistance, you should immediately stop driving as you could be in danger of causing an accident.

Car pulling to one side

If you notice your car is pulling to one side while driving, the caliper in your brakes system could be frozen in place, preventing you from driving straight. The caliper will most likely need to be replaced in order to fix this problem.

However, the car pulling to one side can be caused by a range of issues that are unrelated to your braking system, so you should have your car checked over first – damaged front tyres or broken belts could be the reason.

Brakes dragging

If it feels like your brakes are dragging whilst driving, the brake fluid could be blocking the vent in the master cylinder. To fix this, you can flush out the brake fluid by bleeding it into a container, preventing the master cylinder from becoming too full and causing the brakes to drag.


We provide a comprehensive brakes replacement and repairs service here at Fast Fit Express, ensuring that your vehicle’s brakes continue to work at their best at all times.

We supply, install, and repair brake systems on a wide range of vehicles, and will thoroughly test your brakes to ensure your car is safe for use on the roads. For more information, simply contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.


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