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Our pre-MOT checklist

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For some people, an impending MOT can stir up nerves not felt since childhood exams. And whilst your car’s condition may seem acceptable to you, the test centre might disagree. The truth is, most causes of MOT failures are avoidable, and are often because you as a driver have overlooked a simple, fixable issue. Often … Continue reading

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What is the difference between servicing and an MOT?

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To make sure your car is safe to drive and fit for purpose on the roads, it is important that you have your vehicle serviced and MOT tested on a regular basis. To avoid paying out extra costs when you don’t need to, we’ve listed the differences between servicing and MOTs below. What is servicing? … Continue reading

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Simple Checks to Make Sure Your Tyres are Legal

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Your tyres need to be the correct tread to ensure your safety on the road, especially in wet conditions. Worn-down or incorrectly fitted tyres can be a serious risk to you and other drivers’ safety, and can lead to you being penalised, so checking your tyres are legal is important. We’ve listed what to look … Continue reading

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How to Pass Your MOT Every time

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An MOT is a yearly legal requirement to ensure your car is still roadworthy. Testers will examine a variety of factors of the car and deem whether it is safe to drive. A shocking 40% of cars fail their MOT test first time, and at a maximum cost of £54.85 per test, it’s understandable that … Continue reading

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