How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

winter car breakdown

The arrival of winter sees an increase in car breakdowns every year; increased reliance and strain on our motors means they’re more likely to fail in winter than any other time of the year.

It’s essential, therefore, to check your car over now and reduce the chance of you experiencing a breakdown in these colder months. Here at Fast Fit Express, our team have compiled some essential checks to carry out on your car.


car battery

Battery output is colder in the winter months. This is largely due to a reduced output owing to cooler temperatures slowing chemical reactions within the battery, but is also due to our increased reliance on components such as heating and lights for our car which places extra stress on the battery. Ensure your battery has enough charge to keep your car running in the winter months.


As the days get shorter in the winter, you’ll be using your car’s lights more frequently. Check they are all in working order now, with no cracked lenses or blown bulbs – not only is this dangerous when driving in the dark, but you could also face penalties for blown lights too.


If your engine’s coolant is not topped up with enough antifreeze, the engine could freeze over, causing serious damage to the car. Make sure the coolant level is accurate, and that you are topping it up with both antifreeze and water, not water on its own.


With the increased risk of ice and snow, not to mention colder temperatures reducing traction on the roads, it is essential that you ensure your tyres are in full working order. Measure the tyre tread depth; tyres should have at least 3mm of tread to be safe for winter driving. You should also measure your tyres’ air pressure and top up if needed, as the cold air can affect the pressure within the tyres.

Breakdown Kit

break down kit

You should always keep a breakdown kit in your car in case of emergencies, but it’s also useful to keep one specifically for in the winter. This could include extra essentials such as a de icer and scraper, blankets, extra clothing, waterproofs/umbrellas, plus food and drink in case you are stranded somewhere for a while.

Here at Fast Fit Express, we provide a comprehensive servicing; carrying out essential checks and tests to ensure your car is safe for the road.

Contact us today to book your car in and ensure your car is fully functioning and ready for the winter.

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