How to find a reliable garage for car servicing


Car servicing identifies any faults with your vehicle that could make it unsafe to be on the roads, and should ideally be carried out every 6 – 12 months to keep your car fit for use. Finding a reliable garage for this job is important, in order to guarantee that any problems are identified and professionally fixed, and that you receive an honest price for the service required. Here at Fast Fit Express, we pride ourselves on offering a quality service to all our customers, so we’ve listed a few tips to recognizing a reliable garage for your car service.


Many drivers make the mistake of choosing a garage based on convenience or price, but this does not always guarantee a quality car service. Research a number of garages around you, comparing price, reviews, and the location to your home. Whilst a nearby garage is ideal for dropping your car off and picking it up, it’s important to do your homework before booking your car service to ensure the garage you have chosen provides a reliable and cost effective service.

Is VAT included?

Avoid being given a surprise final fee for your car servicing by checking that VAT is included in the price before leaving your car with the garage. Legally, you should always be told by your garage if VAT is included or not, but this information can sometimes be omitted or forgotten, and can make a big difference to the price of your service, especially for larger work.

Do they have any accreditations?

You car needs to be serviced to identify any faults with the car that make it unsafe to be on the roads, so it’s important that you take it to a reliable and accredited garage that can carry out a thorough examination of your car to a high standard. Ask your garage mechanics for their accreditations to be sure you are getting an honest deal. Here at Fast Fit Express, our tea are fully qualified to provide comprehensive MOTs and servicing, ensuring any faults with your car are identified.


The best way of finding a reliable garage for your car service is through the recommendations of other people.  Check out independent reviews, or testimonials of the garage for the honest opinion of past customers. We’re always happy to receive feedback from our customers, which is why we’re a part of the good garage scheme, requiring consistent positive feedback meeting a certain standard in order to be included.

Fast Fit Express provide vehicle servicing to a high standard, carrying out a number a services on your car to ensure it’s fit for use on the roads.

We service all makes and models at a great price, so for more information or to book your car in with us, feel free to contact us today – we’ll be happy to help.

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