What is the difference between servicing and an MOT?

To make sure your car is safe to drive and fit for purpose on the roads, it is important that you have your vehicle serviced and MOT tested on a regular basis. To avoid paying out extra costs when you don’t need to, we’ve listed the differences between servicing and MOTs below.

What is servicing?

A car service typically consists of several check and changes to your car, the number of which may vary depending on the engine, transmission, age, mileage and make of the car. The service schedule tends to be arranged by the car manufacturers, with the consensus being that a regular service will ensure the car is running safely at all times.

What is an MOT?

MOT tests are an annual inspection of your car required by law to determine whether your vehicle is safe for purpose. An MOT test covers up to 75% of the same checks as a car servicing in order ensure that it is safe for use on the roads.

During an MOT test, a strict checklist issued by the Government Agency VOSA is followed, inspecting each safety item on the day of the test. You may receive advice on items that are likely to need attention in the future, but that pass the inspections on the day, or you may be told that an element of your car has failed the inspection and needs work before it can pass.

What are the main differences?

  • In an MOT test, the garage is not allowed to dismantle or strip components down. Some components may be stripped down during a car service however to determine if they need work or not – for example, the brakes should be stripped down in order to be accurately tested.
  • An MOT is a legal requirement, and must be carried out on your vehicle on an annual basis in order for your car to be legally allowed to be driven on the roads. A car servicing, however, is not a legal requirement, although it is strongly recommended by vehicle manufacturers that your car is serviced regularly to ensure it is safe to drive.
  • A car service is carried out based on guidelines issued by the vehicle manufacturers, so may vary from car to car. In contrast, MOT checks are issued by VOSA, the governing agency, so are to be strictly followed regardless of the car in question.

We carry out servicing and MOT tests here at Fast Fit Express, with experienced staff ensuring that any problems are identified to keep your car safe to be driven on the roads. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and honest service, discussing all options with you should any faults be found with your vehicle.

For more information, or to book your car in with us, feel free to contact our friendly team today.

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