Advice for buying a used car

Buying a used car is a common option for drivers looking to save a bit of money on their new vehicle, but knowing what to look for is essential to ensuring you get a good deal for the price you are paying.

Without some prior research, buyers could find themselves paying even more money than they would on a new car for essential repairs not identified when viewing the car. Follow our top tips for when buying a used car below, and ensure you stay savvy when you’re shopping around.


Establishing a reasonable budget before you start shopping around is essential to ensuring you do not spend more than you can afford. It is also recommended that you thoroughly research the average market price of the used car make and models you are shopping around for – if you go for a one year old car, for example, it’s value will have reduced by at least 27%, and this will drop significantly more the older the car is.

Service history

Reviewing the car’s service history will allow you to identify any faults or problems the car has had that needed to be repaired. It is a warning sign that the car may not actually be a good deal if it has had a lot of work on it in the past.


Likewise, you should make sure the car is MOT’d at the time of purchase. Buying a car that does not have a valid MOT runs the risk of taking it to a garage and finding it requires many costly repairs in order for it to be safe to drive.

Registration documents

Viewing the vehicle’s registration documents is essential before committing to buying a used car. Firstly, it will indicate the car’s mileage when it was purchased by the current owner, so you can check to make sure the mileage has not been illegally altered to make the car look more valuable.

Secondly, the documents will allow you to establish the registered keeper of the car – if the person named on the document is not present when the car is being sold, this could be a red flag that the sale is not legitimate.


Some used cars will be far cheaper to insure than others, so gathering some quotes together during your search can provide valuable information to help you establish a budget. Most smaller cars with small engines will be far cheaper than larger vehicles, for example.

Whilst following these useful tips can help you prevent making a costly error when purchasing a used car, it is still recommended that you have your new purchase fully serviced to identify any faults that could make it dangerous to drive.

Our team here at Fast Fit Express offer a reliable, professional service, quickly identifying and rectifying any repairs your vehicle may need.

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